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There are many real estate aspirants who are looking for success in the real estate industry. But the stake is high as the industry has its fair share of complexities and barriers to overcome. Not many are aware of these.

However, we have identified seven essential characteristics (personality traits), if adopted can help you achieve success in Real Estate.

It will be great you introspect and make appropriate changes in your personality traits in order to achieve these.

1. Resourcefulness

There are a lot of complexities when you get into the game of Real Estate. Things may not go according to your plans. Chances are that situations like missed deadlines, economic crises, pandemic, etc may act as a barrier.

The COVID 19 pandemic is such an example, where the majority of us had to stop our ongoing activities. In Real Estate itself, many property deals have been stalled due to the turbulence in the market caused by the pandemic.

Now your job is to become resourceful during such times in order to make sure that your transaction is finalized and successful.

During the pandemic, there were instances where the closing of property deals seemed almost impossible. As sellers were backing off from the deals, it became a challenging task for closing the deals. Therefore you need to be resourceful i.e. your networking has to be great during such situations.

You may have reliable sources in your network say private lenders who can fund your ongoing deals. The establishment of this network was possible due to your good track record from previous deals, experience, and honesty.

2. Focus

Now, this is something that is applicable to everything. Whether you play a sport or read anything, without focus you’ll achieve nothing. Similarly in Real Estate, we need to be goal-oriented and know what we are looking for.

The majority of us get into this game due to the fact that it reaps in tons of benefits. Like living, the so-called “American Dream” (Owing luxurious Real Estate assets) is what we crave for.

However, one must not forget about the hustle and sheer hard-work for 24×7, 365 days/year.

Let me get this straight, most of us are outcome-oriented rather than the process-oriented. Becoming successful in Real Estate is like being successful in a craft. It will take time and a huge amount of focus to understand the path of Real Estate. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on the process rather than the outcome.  So get going with your work and the fruit will come later.


It is said that a man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. We couldn’t agree more, as one must have self-confidence in himself in order to break through the clutter. Don’t let the failures disheartened you. Become the student of life and embrace everything that it has to offer. You need to believe that you can be good at what you do. External validation and comparison should not discourage you.

Just decide what you want each day and things will start to materialize. But we also need to know that “action speaks louder than words”. So taking action is the need of the hour.

4. Humility

As Gautam Buddha said, “train your mind to see something good in everything”. Don’t be proud of your job or any possession as it will not gain you anything. Be humble while addressing others. People remember those who are good in nature.

5. Gratitude

We as an individual are so much success-driven that we just forget to live in the present moment and appreciate the little things in our lives. Our goal is to build a promising future by compromising the present. We tend to only look at the big things, but it is the little things that matter. It is high time that we show some gratitude about our lives at present.

Remember, you will grow exponentially only if you are joyful. This will help you to move onto the next level of your aspirations.

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6. Strategy

After looking at the ‘why’ and ‘where’, the next thing that we need to look out for is ‘how’. How do we get there? How do we do it? And many more how related questions.

You need a strategy or group of strategies (based on your experiences) to play the long term game of Real Estate. Once you are clear about your objective then you need to strategize daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly plans in order to achieve them. As long as you have a road map, the resources you need will start to materialize. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to your plans.

7. Persistence

As said before that failures should not let you down. You need to be persistent enough to face those adversities. The majority of people know that this is important, but they give up when the moment adversity shows up.  hey put out lame excuses that the market is not friendly or supportive, there is not much opportunity, etc. In reality, you must identify the challenges and find solutions to solve them. This is how you’ll make money and achieve success in Real Estate

As a Real Estate enthusiast, your job is to find problems and solve them not to run from it.

What other personality trait do you think a successful investor have?
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