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Dynamic book of the financial sector- “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” incorporates the mindset required to gain financial consciousness and build a pool of wealth. It very shrewdly revolves around the sensation of being labeled as a lunatic to quit the frenzied race. Many people got into investing after having their minds altered by the concept of the book. 

But why do you need to invest? 

40% of Americans don’t save anything for their lives after their retirement. And lack of supplementary cash can prove to be a headache in the long run. This arises the need to invest some of our resources in assets/bonds/properties to serve as a second source of income. 

There may be tons of reasons for you to start passive investing ranging from luxurious lifestyle to savings for kids and their education. Although there is no full-proof way of ending with profits, some leverage from experts might help. It is by all means better than wasting 2-3 years in the hit and trial method. 

Start your rhapsodic journey by finding answers to these few questions. 

1. What’s your liberty count? 

It is the amount of money you need to make before retiring. Therefore, find the dollars you want to retire with, in your bank account. Assess your assets and liabilities; income and expenses. 

Estimating the saving number gives you clarity on what size of percentage return you require to earn through your passive source of income. It enables you to keep a bull’s eye on your target. 

Then move on to ponder on- 

2. The extent of your compliance with a deal 

Real-estate investing is a diversified field. You choose from a hell lot of ways to end with cash-flow or appreciated returns. You can either take it up as a full-time job or as a passive source of income. 

For investors like us, passive investing is preferred. It goes hand in hand with your corporate job without the suitcase of a manager’s responsibilities. 

But again, it is totally dependent on your choice and time frame that you can devote. 

3. What is the best plan of action? 

For a beginner, the first step is to find an experienced sponsor and leverage his experience to enter the game of Real-Estate investing. 

Listen to podcasts, attend webinars, and educate yourself. It is easy to be fooled in a competitive market. Be Aware of sketchy deals. 

Every syndicator you will meet will have a different experience, it is in these parts where your critical analysis and fate depends. Every deal is structured differently and has to be moved about in a unique way. Furthermore, leveraging can boost your investment process by up to 10x. The basic aim is to not get disheartened and continue to advance with a will. 

According to one of the Forbes articles, most of the billionaires stand today where they are because of Real-Estate investing. Over the years, apartment investment has proved to enable people to gain financial freedom within a briefer span of time. My advice would be, start with passive investment and get a hang of Real-Estate Investing. If it suits your target then you have found your investment forte, and if in the coming times you want to go further with it, you can always become an active investor. 

Additionally, even Newton’s first law of motion states that an object will be at rest unless compelled to move forward. Therefore, Trust your Guts and Take the First Leap! 

For more information on the same or any other query schedule an appointment.

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