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To become a successful real estate investor, you must go through a number of stages. A desire to invest in real estate does not guarantee success. The first few months of investing are often filled with growing pains for new investors. When learning the business, look at experiences from other investors instead of suffering through trials and errors. You’ll find that most successful investors share a few common traits. Ask them about their journey to success and what made them succeed. Whether you’ve been in business for years or just started, there is always room for improvement.

In this article, we will discuss five of the most important skills that you must have in order to be a successful investor.

The Top 5 Skills You Must Know In Order To Succeed


The art of negotiation is very useful and integral part of real estate investment deals. This is a skill that needs constant practice. To minimize spending and maximize profits when buying income-producing properties, you must refine your negotiating skills. Many of us would not be aware that everything in real estate is negotiable whether it is price, financing, property repairs as well as closing date etc. A successful negotiator should never be emotionally attached to the deal as it restricts an investor’s potential to negotiate. Refining negotiation skills will help you reach your financial goals.


Networking is absolutely the key for real estate investors, especially for beginners. An investor would need a network of different teams to gain knowledge about new opportunities. The team constitutes different specialized resources from multiple domains such as a broker, lawyers, accountants, designers, property inspectors, etc.  Since real estate is very competitive, investors with a strong network have a greater chance of success. It significantly helps for the enhancement of the knowledge about the market, growth, and developments. 


There are several parameters that an investor should consider while underwriting a deal. An investor should not take a decision emotionally and that is a very common mistake. Being in love with property should not limit your ability to be objective about a deal. Every investor should come up with a strategy to underwrite any deal. They should be focused on not overpaying or the time frame of the deal as well as compromise on the three fundamental investing ratios cash on cash returns, debt coverage ratio, and cap rates.


Investors should have the analytical skills in order to get the deal financed. There are differences between financing a residential property and a commercial property. They should analyze the important aspects of financing such as the term, rate of interest, prepayment penalty as well as fees. They should always ask the bank about the method of pricing the interest rates and whether they work with seller financing or not. Understanding conventional as well as creative financing, including lease options, cash sales, wrap mortgages, short sales, and other techniques or multifamily investment is extremely important.


It seems to be the easiest part but management of a property is the most difficult task. The type of management and service provided to the clients or tenants determine the longevity of the lease renewal. Investors can either handle or manage the property on their own or leverage assistance from a management company but the main focus should remain to run the business smoothly with regular cash flows. Better service to the customers will make them happy and would encourage them to renew the lease on time.


Multifamily is lucrative, with so many different ways to grow wealth investing in real estate, there are tons of opportunities for many different people with different skill sets and talents to be successful, make money, and improve financially. The success depends on how efficiently the investor utilizes the above skills to fulfill his ambition and financial goals.

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