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Is Real-Estate Market Overvalued?

Mr. Prashant Kumar CCIM, President of Multi-Family Realty Gains, in a podcast with the Founder of Envvy Analytics and Pepela Equity Partners, Stefan Tsvetkov discussing a data-driven approach on “Is the Real Estate Market Overvalued?”

Stefan Tsvetkov is a financial engineer turned multifamily investor managing ~ $90 billion derivatives portfolio jointly with colleagues. He focuses on data-driven investing. Managing Partner at Pepela Capital, a real estate investment firm, and Founder of Envvy Analytics, an investor-geared real estate analytics system that has developed a proprietary enhanced valuation metric that has been calibrated to gauge overvalued real estate markets. The organizer of the Finance Meets Real Estate webinar series.

How does public real-estate perform?

Price relationship to private commercial multifamily 

Zillow pandemic literature

Foreclosure rates and price volatility 

2007 recession and its impact

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