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Prashant Kumar, CCIM - Founder, MyRealtyGains

In today’s Podcast, Mr. Prashant Kumar CCIM, on behalf of My Realty Gains, invites Trevor McGregor to guide us through- “Meditation and Mindset help us Grow through Passive Investing”
Trevor is a High Performance – Master Coach with over 30,000 hours of coaching experience under his belt. He has worked with clients from around the world, including Fortune 500 executives, high-level real estate investors, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes and business professionals and they all come to him for one reason: Life-Changing Transformation.


What You’re Going to Learn

  • What is Real Estate investing?

  • How can mindset play important role in passive investing?

  • How does meditation help you in achieving your goals?

  • Your journey is Real Estate and what are the benefits?

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Show Highlights

What is Real Estate investing?

What is Real Estate investing?

Prashant Kumar, CCIM – Some people think Investing is more about stocks and bonds and things like that. What are your thoughts? What would you like to say to these people? 

Trevor Mcgregor -. I know that you are a wealth of knowledge and information in Real Estate and it’s the cross-pollination of really putting this out there so that people have an opportunity to understand a little bit more about, What is Passive Real Estate Investing? Why is it a perfect fit for technical people or high-income earners, medium-income earners who give their blood, sweat, and tears to their company or their Corporation? But that is trading time for dollars where they’re just smart enough to realize that if they want a second stream of income or they want to create some passive wealth for themselves and their families. Well, Prashant, you know that I believe that real estate is one of the greatest wealth vehicles on the planet. The fact that you’re taking this message to this community is just absolutely exceptional because I think that they’re a perfect fit for Real Estate. And real estate is a perfect fit for them.

Prashant Kumar, CCIM – That is awesome. That’s exactly the message that I wanted to hear from you. Thank you so much for that.

How can mindset play important role in passive investing? 

How can mindset play important role in passive investing?

Prashant Kumar, CCIM – How you would say the mindset plays an important role for a Passive Investor? What would you like to tell the Investor?

Trevor McGregor – My coach Tony Robbins with whom I have worked for over half a decade. He always says that success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics are what you do. It’s not just that we go out there and we find people that want to go out there and buy property. We start by really conditioning people’s mindset toward investing. Like, why do you want to invest? What are the pros and cons of investing? What are your doubts or fears or worries about investing? Because a lot of people, they’ll say, well, I’d to, but what if I lose money? Or what if the deal goes south? Or what if the market crashes? What would I do is I always say to people because the world works on something called the law of polarity, that you can’t have those fears without also having faith.

It’s just like anything else, if you’re out there driving your car down the freeway, there chance you could get into a vehicle accident, but there’s also a chance that you could arrive at your destination safely and beautifully. Well, the same thing is in Real Estate. I always say that where focus goes energy flows. I like to work with people to alleviate those fears or alleviate those doubts or those worries or anxieties by reminding them. Real Estate has been around since the beginning of time. People have been trying to amass land and acquire land. They’ve been going to war over land for thousands of years.  I still believe that people need a place to live. Do you have to think about what are the benefits of investing? your hard-earned capital into something like real estate, where it’s called real estate because guess what? It’s real, that is why it is known as  Real Estate. Whereas if you put your money into the stock market well, Or if you put your money into cryptocurrency, the volatility of that is up and down and up and down. Whereas I believe that if we really condition the mind for success and we go back to success, leaving clues that if you look at wealthy people, 90 or 95% of them became wealthy through investing in Real Estate.

Prashant Kumar, CCIM – That is an awesome answer.

How does meditation help you in achieving your goals?

How does meditation help you in achieving your goals?

Prashant Kumar, CCIM – How your meditation helps you in achieving what you have achieved in your life?

Trevor McGregor – Well, thank you. It’s great to hear we’re both meditators and I have been meditating as long as you but for the last 15 years. But to give the listener a sneak peek into my reality I get up every morning at 04:44 A.m.

Every morning, even on weekends, at 04:44 a.m and I get up and immediately use the restroom, and then I drink a glass of water with lemon for alkalinity, then I’m doing my meditation where I meditate for 30 minutes to condition my mind for success and when I’m done with my meditation where I’ll think about all the things I’m grateful for or go into anything from guided meditation to transcendental meditation to using headspace or calm or whatever the flavor of the day is, then I go and I work on my body. Right.

Because I always say, condition the mind, condition the body and I’ll do a workout. I’ll go on my elliptical, my treadmill, I’ll do some stretch bands or some weights, and then I’m ready to take on the day. Right.

Because I work hard in coaching, consulting, and real estate speaking. I’m telling you, it is full-on. I condition my mind very first because that’s what most people don’t do and if you’re not conditioning the mind, that means that you’re waking up and getting into times of being reactionary instead of Proactive and I believe that routine, that habit, that ritual. It’s not just something you and I do that if the Lister does and you maybe don’t have to get up as early as those crazy people, but maybe you move the clock back 15 minutes earlier than you meditate, or you move it back 30 minutes earlier, then you move it back an hour earlier. It’s amazing to see how life is so much sweeter when you can get up in the morning and go at a pace that’s your own instead of waking up, rushing to the shower, getting your cup of coffee, getting into your desk, and going, oh, my God, where do I start the day from here? There’s a competitive edge to getting up early and meditating that I think gives us just such a great way to tap into our spiritual needs, our body, our mind, our spirit, all of those things and it makes me a better coach. It makes me a better real estate investor. It makes me a better husband, and it makes me a better father.

Prashant Kumar, CCIM– Awesome Trevor, I must add one thing, you are very experienced in meditation, but for me, the deepest level of thinking happens during meditation. For me, I’m just telling you about me. The deepest the things which I cannot think of in 24 hours or a week, I can potentially think those things and come up to a conclusion in minutes. So that was 30 minutes of meditation for me. Not that I’m meditating on those things, but during those times, during the meditation, there comes a time when it kind of goes there and I think about it and move on. I am not even capable of thinking those things, which I think during meditation sometimes.

Trevor Mcgregor – Yeah, I figured you’re spot on. I think it invokes creativity, and we tap into the ether, infinite intelligence where we start downloading answers to questions, ideas, thoughts, all of these things that if we’re in a beta brainwave, which is the brainwave, anyone that’s in that’s listening to this rate now is in it’s that go, hard-charging brainwave beta all the time. But meditation then puts you from beta into Alpha, and that’s one layer deeper, and then Alpha into Theta, and if you can get into Alpha, Theta or Delta, I’m telling you, it’s where your mind is just so beautiful in literally manifesting whatever it is and it doesn’t come through conscious thought. It just comes from just being and it’s the same thing in real estate. It’s not about grinding, it’s not about finding the tallest building or the best thing. It’s literally about using a little bit of hustle and flow. As we said, psychology and productivity, where come together no differently than meditation, and moving your body come together to give you the best opportunity for success. I love that you’re doing that. 

Prashant Kumar,  CCIM – Wow.

Your journey is Real Estate and what are the benefits?

Your journey is Real Estate and what are the benefits?

Prashant Kumar, CCIM – I would like to ask you, Trevor, what has been your journey in real estate? How did you start and how do you see the benefits? What are the differences? You know, you have so much Real Estate around the world. How have you accumulated that and What has been your journey?

Trevor McGregor – Well, it’s a great question, and thank you for the opportunity again, I’m from Vancouver, Canada. You might detect a little bit of a Canadian accent and you know, after I went to the College and studied business, went and worked in corporate, I knew that I wanted to really kind of test my feet in the real estate arena. And what most people tend to do, as you know, is they go and buy a single-family home or a little condominium or a duplex or a four Plex, and they cut their teeth doing something that they have no idea what they’re getting into and they think, man, this is going to be exciting and interesting, and they’re opening up a whole can of worms doing it actively because you got to find the deal, you got to fund the deal. You got to spruce up the place. You got to get tenants. You got to deal with tenant issues and toilets and all these crazy things where you know what you don’t know until you know. Right.

And a lot of people get into real estate that way and it doesn’t have to be that way because we call that an active investor. But really, what I did in my journey is do some active investing, single-family homes, multifamily homes, started to do all of that stuff, and then I met a guy by the name of Joe Ferrell. Who I think you and I would say, or we’re good associates with Joe, who is also getting out of single-family investing and into multifamily investing

So there are some terms that the listener needs to know, like multifamily investing or apartment syndication or passive investing, where we pull a group of people together and we go find an amazing property, and then we buy that property, we fix it up, we improve it, we’ll refinance it, and we all get paid to participate in it. Some active people do that, and then some passive people do that and I’ve been on both sides. But I believe that this podcast and what the Tribe needs to hear is you simply have to find really good operators like you or someone in your sphere that has done this time and time again and that understands how it works, the market fundamentals, how the numbers look, whether it’s a class A property, B or C, then we force the value into that property. We retained it, we refinance it, we might rename it, we might improve it by making the units better, bump the rents a little bit but I’m telling you, on the other side of all of that is profit, right? Because at the end of the day, you can go and get yourself a second job as an active investor doing all those things, or you can certainly just sit back, find that someone like you and plug into it and it’s really what we call plug and play to be a passive investor, put your money to work, and then get what we call mailbox money every month if you want.

Prashant Kumar, CCIM– Awesome, Great answer Trevor.