Real estate funds - the pros and cons for passive investors & syndicators

With Prashant Kumar | Lisa Hylton

In this podcast, Prashant shares how he actually ended up making money on a deal that fell through, and the importance of quality property management for practically passive income. 

By now we know that being in the real estate business really means you are in the relationship and people business. It is such an important aspect of what we do, from looking for and finding new investors, continuing to build our networks, and even in raising equity.

He was supposed to close the next day and the private equity firm decided they no longer wanted to do the deal. Talk about overcoming obstacles. Prashant Kumar is the CEO of

Today’s episode is extraordinary! Prashant Kumar is here with us to share his journey to legacy wealth while working full time in an IT company. Prashant Kumar is an Enthusiastic, Passionate and Goal-oriented Multifamily Operator. 

What to do to get a broker to take you seriously, even before your first deal. Also, a discussion on valuing patience versus market-timing with Prashant Kumar and aspiring investor Max Harkavy.

Have you ever thought that you can earn considerable returns by Investing in Real Estate, Passively?? And can you take advantage of regular Cash Flow, Leverage, Appreciation, Depreciation and possibly reduce Taxes and Most of All, Passively??

Prashant Kumar is talking about a little of his 1,200 unit portfolio. Later in the show, he talks about spiritually attracting it!

On this podcast, Prashant Kumar encourages entrepreneurs and investors to share their journeys and expertise to discuss the power of real estate investing and syndications.
We cover topics like real estate challenges, marketing, benefits, and of course, creating finding deals and investors.

His strategy is to acquire stable, income-producing apartment complexes in emerging U.S. markets. His passion about educating investors about building wealth with multifamily real estate.