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We are in a hassle right now as various economies have started relaxing the lockdown restrictions. This is good news for many, who’ve got stuck in their homes, tired of following social distancing norms. Now they can get back to their “normal” lives as usual.

Unfortunately, they are all wrong as this event can lead to a significant rise in corona-virus cases or the so-called “peak state” of COVID cases. Let us understand a few things, we’ve still not found the cure for the virus and lifting of restrictions are just for rejuvenating the shrinking economy. There is uncertainty about how the COVID crisis will unfold.

So we have to remain vigilant, safe, and take precautions more than ever. Even various businesses are doing so, especially in the multifamily real estate space which is completely a relationship-based business. They have shifted there focus towards developing and putting the technology to work in all aspects of multifamily investing. Right from identifying locations to scout for deals, to the new ways of preparing underwriting agreements, managing operations for the property, and bringing in self-guided apartment tours functionality, all for its stakeholders.

It’s not a fact but rather a truth that how important and significant in-person rental tours have become during such an economic crisis. In our previous blog post “New Realty of Multifamily Sector”, we have already discussed in short about the self-guiding apartment tours. In this blog post, we will explore more on such type of rental tours.

How will you make sure that a particular apartment is the one that fulfills your ideal apartment checklist?

It is by touring an apartment.

It’s true that you can look out for virtual apartment tours via smart devices. As they seem to give you a feel of seeing the potential property all by yourself without moving out. But there’s nothing better than going out and seeing your potential home in person. However, the pandemic can make your searching process difficult.

Hopefully, self-guided apartment tours have emerged as a new concept that is changing how possible renters tour apartment units and houses.


Think this as an “all by yourself” tour. A few years back the conventional way of touring an apartment was to get in contact with the leasing office or a leasing agent then schedule a time that is feasible for both the parties. And then wait on them to unlock the unit and give you a tour around the property. But now it is a hassle-free process. Many companies are offering a combination of virtual tours and self-guided touring. So virtual touring gives the first impression about the property and the latter gives the final impression. It allows the possible tenant to select a time for the rental tour all on there own without waiting on a leasing agent.


The process of self-guided tours is simple, convenient, and safe (COVID).

The steps are as follows:

1) Applying for a self-guided tour (mostly handled by leasing office) by filling out a simple online application.

2) Providing credit card information that is a measure to cover any losses or damages that may occur during the tour.

3) Passing a screening check (information about your state and many other aspects)

4) Selecting a time slot for the possible tenant and the owner of the property. (Only when formalities are sorted)

Once you’ve finished selecting the time slot, make sure to ask for an access key or an access code for the smart lock without which you cannot enter the potential apartment. Nowadays you can also find in-app smart keys that have an access code. The smart lock is like the check-in and check-out feature that allows the potential property to set restrictions on who has access to the unit. After the check out from the unit by the potential tenant, the access code will change automatically. These types of staged properties are being monitored via cameras that prevent any possibilities of theft and damages.

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The Best Thing About SELF-GUIDED TOURS

One of the main reasons why self-guided tours are becoming popular is due to the fact that the idea resonates pretty well with the possible renters. It fits perfectly with the current scenario that is to conduct safe touring practices. It also gets convenient when we schedule a time slot for the potential home, based on our feasibility. The big thing is the freedom of exploring an apartment by ourselves without being pressurized on making quick buying decisions.

So from this, we conclude that self-guided apartment tours are a boon for us, especially when we’re concerned with the safety protocols amid of crisis. Self-guided tours make it easy to get an individual apartment experience without any interference from a leasing agent. Therefore we need to embrace the solo apartment tour and get out there.

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