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Why do you need Passive Real-Estate Investing?

You have got your 9-5 job, but that does not yield enough for you to be financially free!

You have got the funds to invest, but you are not ready to take up the overwhelming responsibilities of a syndicator/sponsor.

Passive Real-Estate investing can be one of the most powerful ways to earn a secondary income, but before we jump into it, we need to understand what Passive Real-Estate investing is.

In the context of real estate, passive investment relates to investing capital into a property without the day-to-day baggage of a landlord or a property manager’s responsibility.

We act as an equity partner and are there to provide funds and earn bulk returns. All the hassles of dealing with brokers, tenants, and banks fall within the domain of the syndicator.

These are just some of the reasons to take up passive investing. But why not any other source?

Benefits of Real-Estate Investing

Recession Resilient

Unlike the volatile stock market, which might end up at zero, Multi-Family Real-Estate is Recession-Resilient.

Economy of Scale

The more residents you have in your property, the lesser is the risk if one of them moves out or defaults on their payments.

Regular Cash Flow

A key benefit of Real-Estate is its ability to generate a regular stream of cash flow. Being a tangible asset, Real-Estate holds real value.


To start your journey in Real-Estate, you need not have widespread knowledge about investing. You can leverage the experience and expertise of your chosen syndicator.

Tax Benefits

Not only do you benefit from the passive income earned, appreciation, and stability, but you are also entitled to many tax benefits.

Who Are We?

Our team is flexible, easy to work with, and has a proven track record of making fair deals together. Involved through the New York industrial spirit, My Realty Gains started in 2014 and is built on providing outstanding care to every client as the first step. My Realty Gains has grown to become stronger as we conserve our duty of responsibility towards the maximum level of reliability, personal attention, professionalism, and trust as well as devoted service.

Our Vision

At My Realty Gains, we envision to Liberate people and make their investing Hassle-Free and Less-Complicated. We engage in Multi-Family Properties to enable our investors in building a rock-solid, comprehensive portfolio. The aim of My Realty Gains is to help you navigate through the path of real estate investing. Our research and expertise in this field can give you better results in terms of generating a steady flow of passive income.

Attain Financial-Freedom

Now is the best time to invest in Real-Estate! With My Realty Gains, you can start your hassle-free journey towards a Pool of Wealth. Visit our website to check out what all we have to offer our investors.