Owners of larger multifamily property can control the value of their property to a much greater extent. The most common way to make money in real estate is through appreciation. An appreciation of the value of a commercial real estate property depends on the location, overall development, and improvements. In a Multifamily property, each unit operates as an independent property but at the same time, all the units can be collectively managed as a single property and thus creates multiple earning opportunities for the investor and the developer, which helps in increasing revenue in multifamily real estate business.

 In this blog, you’ll discover some strategies for increasing income on the multifamily property. Let’s get started.

Addition of more units

If there is space in the backyard for storage, it can be utilized to add more residential units at a lower cost. Or if there is any land beside your property that was deemed useless by the previous owner, that land could be converted to more units to generate income.

Charges for parking area

Car is a necessity for every family now, so almost every family owns one. So, excluding the car parking from the maintenance cost is not a good idea but charging a separate fee for the car parking will help to generate and increase revenue in the multifamily real estate business.

Banquet hall and Guest rooms

Families in this era are very keen to celebrate small and big functions. So charging for the internal banquet hall and the guest rooms can be an effective way to increase the revenue.

Vending Machines and Service provider

Locating vending machines in common areas, such as the pool, clubhouse, laundry rooms, and the office by outsourcing these amenities to other service providers is a genius way to generate income out of it with no stress of its management.

Charges for pet facility

It is a definite way of increasing the revenues in multifamily property. Owners of the pet treat them as their family, providing their pets with all the availabilities. It is a superb idea to create a zone for pet lovers to walk and play with them and you can make it chargeable.


Co-living is a residential community living model that accommodates three or more biologically unrelated people in the same house. Co-living is much more attractive to tenants than traditional apartments due to its affordability, flexibility, included amenities and common area, and a sense of community. There is more revenue to be generated if each bedroom in a three-bedroom unit were to be rented separately rather than letting the building be rented as a whole unit. This method can be a great way to increase income.

Late Fees

Late fees can be levied for all types of late payments, especially for late rent payments. The fees could be around eight to ten percent of the monthly rent amount. Being careful about the customer experience could be a way to increase the revenue out of the multifamily property.

Utility charges

A billing program is known as RUBS(Ratio Utility Billing System) which allows the operator to bill the tenants for utilities such as water, electricity, gas & cable. Through this program, the owner can earn quite a bit of money.

Maintenance Charges

The demand and attraction of a property are all with its maintenance. Having provided with all the facilities and amenities but in the breakdown, status is of no use. A multifamily property that is not nicely wall painted, with all dirty environment, facilities which are not functional, with dirty and accident-prone spaces, is not a property where anyone would like to move in. The property’s image and its valuation are directly proportional to its maintenance and its healthy environment, thus the developer can decide upon the price rate of the maintenance charges that helps him to increase the revenue on the multifamily real estate property.

Space for Supermarket

Renting out a space to a vendor to build a supermarket store inside the premises of the property with all necessary items used in day-to-day life like groceries, veggies, fruits, etc could become a good source of income on the multifamily real estate property


There are numerous ways to increase the income on multifamily property. We believe this article has given you a plain way to generate revenue and be very much particular about your expenses. It is a must for a developer to be committed to providing an efficient and professionally managed budget-friendly property with all smart and healthy environments.

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